70+ Whatsapp Status that makes you Attractive in 2019

70+Whatsapp Status that makes you Attractive 2019:

Whatsapp is becoming the social proof nowadays, means if you have good Whatsapp status on your WhatsApp than people will judge you on that status.

1. The Day you start loving yourself the world comes down to you.

2. If you are doing what you love then you become who you are.

Note: These status are self-made no one is involved in any type of Copyright or Right, I am writing these quotes to add some adventure in people's status.

3. King doesn't need a kingdom to prove he is a King.

4. If you are not living the moment don't expect you will live a life.

5. People are mad if they don't understand easily we should tackle them in our own way.

6. Find a way if there is a problem than Definitely there will be a Solution.

7. Happiness is something that I priorities over what people think every time.

8. I'm here to win not to Cheer you.

9. To be the Hardest person alive on the planet you have to challenge the hardest things.

10. Friends are family and Family is life and I love my Life.

11. If it is easy then everyone will be at the top just think about this.

12. Be nice to everyone the world is very small to spread hate.

13. It's only the Game of time today is your from tomorrow to lifetime it will be mine.

14. I choose myself over everyone because I love myself.

15. If I get hurt than Don't try to come near me You'll get destroyed.

16. Most people take you for granted when you are not valuable in your own eyes.

17. I'm not a person who will hurt you if you hurt me, I'm a person who will destroy you.

18. Surround yourself with people who want you to be successful not a failure.

19. Your opponent should be hurt by your success not by his failure.

20. If you are facing failure than Don't stop because there is no one to help you.

21. I don't carry attitude I carry my Personality that has come through experiences.

22. To start what you want you just need that first step.

23. Some people take our Kindness as our Foolishness.

24. People will Always judge you if you do things that you love or not.

25. To be safe you need to start with the first step.

26. Being rich doesn't mean how much you have it means how much you Give.

27. Your attitude is not as strong than my Personality.

28. I don't have an ego it's just I Ignore random persons.

29. I want to fill my Life with Achievements, not with Ego.

30. Fear is the Difference between you and me, I take risks you take Fear.

31. Your success should speak not your Words and statement.

32. The best thing that ever happened to me is you.

33. First, they will laugh at you then they will ask you to help them.

34. I don't want to surround myself with negative people.

35. If life gives you lemon than add some vodka and start the party.

36. I don't need anyone's approval to work on My Dream.

37. Some people will stay for their motive but some will stay for a Cause.

38. If you are reading this then you should apply for a JOB because you have Free time.

39. To achieve success you only need one mindset that makes you feel like a leader.

40. I'm not ignoring you it's just I don't have time for stupid people.

41. I am full of fire don't hurt me because I will explode.

42. I love my family more than you because they are the reason for my existence in this world.

43. You will be happy when you do things that you love.

44. I Challenge people who are at the top, not those people who are in the same boat.

45. If you are feeling happy by following your passion then your life is worth.

46. My haters call me Bad but someone tells them that I'm their Dad.

47. You will never catch me because when you sleep I work.

48. I'm at the top because of my Haters, and Fans are my Inspiration.

49. You are alone no one wants you to be successful so Don't Quit.

50. I'm here to build my Value not to work under your Value.

51. You are not a failure it's just that another person is better than you.

52. To achieve the success you need to be better at what you do.

53. People will make fun of yours but that's the time when You Store all that and convert it into success.

54. You will get Jealous mute my Story.

55. My message to my Haters is Mute my story because you will get Jealous.

56. I don't fail because I don't believe in Destiny I create my own path.

57. The Difference between you and me is you Dream and I achieve.

58. I'm here to Build the Game not to Win the Game.

59. My success is my words I don't need to speak.

60. Being calm doesn't mean I can't attack stay Alert.

61. I am Happy because I'm trying to build something big maybe it takes time but it will definitely.

62. People will always pull you down but kick them and move up.

63. I want to be at the top but by Improving my Value.

64. You are the one who makes me Smile but now you are the one makes me Sad.

65. I want to start my own Journey not to start with hand gifted journey.

66. I will build my own status without any help.

67. People will hurt you when they see you at the top.

68. I love my family more than Money because Money came because of them.

69. I am not ignoring you-you are just not matching my Mindset.

70. Ego and Personality has a Difference.

71. I love myself whoever I am today because of my Mindset.