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Fearless Attitude Quotes for Whatsapp 2019

I think every person has different, attitude for everything in Life, and to express that powerful attitude we need some attitude quotes that match our personality perfectly.

Your Attitude represents about what type of person you are in real life. So having a right and bold attitude is very important these attitude status and quotes will help you to develop that attitude and character.

Attitude quotes for FB and Instagram

130+ Best Collection of Attitude Quotes:

                       “Don’t be AVERAGE be SAVAGE”

                       “I’m the Gold in the Cave of Coal”

I don’t Ignore people it’s Just I don’t have time for Dumb people.

2. Girl I am not your employee, You cannot control my Life.

3. People will try to pull you down only when you are above them.

4. My thinking is not like your Ex, If you hurt me you have to pay a price for it.

5. I love my Dog more than people because they can’t cheat.

6. I live my Life as per my Choice not as my Conditions.

7. I don’t want Fans in my Life I only want true friends.

8. My actions are more powerful than your Words

9. I am responsible only for my words, not for what you Understand

10. Your Vision is only goes to point where I starts my Vision.

11. There is only one difference between you and me you give Excuses and I give Results to myself.

12. I love your stupidity, my middle finger salutes you.

13. Failures teaches you that you need to work more on yourself.

14. I don’t need Queen to be King, My personality is enough to be a King.

15) Losers only focus on Winners and Winners focus on their mistakes and learn from them.

16) I am not foolish, you are just Dumb person to Understand me.

17) My Actions speak and your Words.

18) I am not Changed, it’s just I grew up by the time and you are still same.

19) Love if people get Jealous from you, this means they also want to do same that you are doing.

20) Our Choices don’t matches because I don’t like Cheap things.


Attitude status helps a person to showcase their personality with words if you use powerful and sharp words that I have provided in these statuses it will put a good impression on other person.

  • People will always laugh at you if you are good or bad, So be you.
  • I don’t work for money, I work for Happiness so I can Die regret free.
  • I don’t choose Safe Road, I choose road which go towards my Success.
  • I am not your Employee, who you can call anytime on any place.
  • Don’t hurt me otherwise I’ll be your worst Nightmare.
  • You spend time on thinking and I used that same time on my Goals.
  • I have my Boss inside me who Commands me and understand my Dreams also, Command yourself.
  • I am a Storm which can destroy you and a Sunshine which you can’t stop
  • Sometimes less valuable people wants to spend time with valuable people
  • I know what I deserve that’s why I’m here at top

Attitude Captions for Instagram:

1. You can’t handle my personality because you never met person like me.

2. I don’t believe in Luck, I believe in the amount of work you put the amount of result you get.

3. I am the person who likes you, but I am not going to beg you for love.

4. Don’t come to me otherwise you’ll get burned by my hotness.

5. Stars always shine in Darkness, So failures are also Important in Life.

6. I appreciate when people talk behind my back, because at least people get reason from me to talk.

7. If you don’t put in work then how you deserve results.

8. Don’t try to mess with me!! Because I don’t want to Kill you.

9. I don’t Beg to people for Help!! Because I know they also have hidden motive.

10. Maybe I’ll not get Successful much, but I will be the Happiest person.

11. I know the rule if you hurt me then you will not able to Cure yourself.

12. My words are my responsibility but your thinking is not.

13. I can Love you, I can Care for you, but I cannot beg from you.
14. No reply to stupid people is their biggest reply.
15. If you unable to find me then it means I’m working on myself.
16. Take rest for sometime my Haters, because my Journey is too long and beautiful.
17. Who said after break up you get in Depression. When you have such amazing friends.
18. I follow my Heart not my Situations, If I want something I am going to get it at any cost.
19. I learned from Stars that you will only shine in Darkness.
20. My Kindness doesn’t mean that I’m stupid.
21. Hate me or Love me, I’m gonna shine.
22. I have pre booked my Success, no one can change the Booking.
23. Fire inside me is enough to keep me hot in this Winter.
24. People will always see your mistakes, but you have to correct them.
25. Lion don’t need Jungle to prove himself that he is a Lion.
26. If I lose in something, I get addicted to that thing because I have to Win in that.
27. People will do back biting because fake things get told from behind.
28. I choose the odd road not because other is full, I chose it becayse it is made for me
29. The difference between you and me is you choose what is easy and I choose what I want.
30. If I want something I will get that thing no matter what.
31. Best things not come from average actions.

32. Smile infront of people who hates you because by doing this you made a murder.

33. Sky height also look small infront of my attitude.

34. If you love your company then everyone will love you.

35. It’s always better to have less when you are king as compare to have more when you are slave.

36. Confidence is better than Pretty face.

37. Darkness outside cannot burn light inside me.

38. I don’t know if I Win the game or not but I will Rule the game.

39. You can be Leader in real world without winning election also.

40. Don’t Hide your own personality for fake people.

FB Attitude Quotes and Status:

1. I am the Driver of my Journey, and in my Car there is no Break.
2. My silence is the symptom that I’m busy and you should also.
3. I don’t want second position when first deserves me.
4. I don’t get what I need I get what I want.
5. Don’t get Calm until you reach at top.
6. Don’t Judge me by seeing my Pic, In real I’m more than you see.

7. I’m not a Painter but I know how to Draw my Life.

8. I am the Pilot of my Life and my Dream is my fuel.

9. Who tells that you need Girlfriend? When you have good friends.

10. Don’t stop at average, aim for high shot.

11. You cannot Judge a Book by its cover.

12. I choose my way because I love it, not because it is easy.

13. Hardest times will give you true people’s.

14. People say sky is the limit but I say beyond there is univere and that is my Goal.

15. You can only aim for what you can see, so have a big vision.

16. My attitude is higher than your boyfriend’s height.

17. I am not Odd, I am limited edition.

18. If you do what you love than you transform in what you are.

19. Don’t hurt me because I don’t want to Kill you.

20. Your DP is limited, but my personality is not.

21. I don’t see Dreams in night, I work for them Daily.

22. I don’t believe in work hard when you have such a brilliant brain.

23. Big Dreams come true with small actions.

24. Enjoy the journey more than destination.

25. I’m not grounded because of gravity it’s just I don’t want to be like you.

26. I’m not leaving you because I’m bored it is because I have options.

27. If you have second thought on your Dream than it is not your Dream.

You need weapon to kill me and my words are enough.

If people hate you because of what you are doing than it means they also wanted to do same thing but they can’t.

I am gonna shine fast or slow but I will definitely.

My Caption is enough to define about me, because if you met me you can’t handle my personality.

Night is giving hangover with his beauty.

Everyone is different but I am not from one of those.

If you need something you beg for ut and if I need something I work for it


  • My beard is more Hard than your Ex
  • I don’t want to be a slave of heaven instead I will be the King of hell
  • Your but don’t have power to beat me
  • If you are hurt me than I will not hurt you, I will kill you
  • I’m not proud on I’m the boss, instead I’m proud on I have power to control you
  • I am good for who behave good, and I am Devil who hurt m
  • I am not from one of those who saw the Dream quickly but never take actions on them
  • If you can’t handle storm then you should stay away from me as well because I’m more than dangerous from storm
  •  I don’t know much Emglish, but I know how to behave
  • My lifestyle is enough to define who I am
  • People who have real life status, don’t need fake one on whatsapp
  • I know who is fake oe not but I don’t tell because I enjoy it
  • Don’t agree with the world if you are not satisfied
  • I don’t go the Gym because my attitude has enough strength to Impress
  • My Success is like Time you cannot stop it
  • It is always better to fail while trying as compare to not trying
  • My personality is more heavy than your weight
  • I pay price of every mistake because it makes me aware to not mistake again
  • I don’t want to be a employee who is stupid instead I want to be a smart leader
  • I am not hurting you, I am just telling you the truth
  • I hate people who saw the Dream but never take action for it
  • If people like your Pic doesn’t mean they like you also in real life
  • Most people stop at average because they deserve that only
  •  I only love black shirts not black girls

Attitude Quotes will provide value in your Pic and Images of FB and Instagram.These Quotes will help you to express yourself and your personality. Don’t stop at average means if you Dream Big than only you get Big things, So be Unstoppable and these attitude quotes will motivate you in your Journey.


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