83+ Attitude Whatsapp Status for YOU in English


Attitude Whatsapp Status 2019

A status is something that Defines who you are and what type of personality you carry.
Attitude Whatsapp Status is one of the best type of statuses because it Defines the personality of a Person.
Stick to the end to get best Whatsapp Status for yourself.

Alpha Attitude Status for Whatsapp:

1. Don’t Be too Kind with people by compromising with your Self respect

2. I’m not a type of person that spent years to be Manager of company. I’m the person who will be the owner of Company

3. I Don’t have bad attitude for you I just Don’t have time to waste on you

4. For me time is money and my attitude is my Personality

5. Love me or Hate me I’m not going to Change

6. I will be Successful or not but I will be Happiest person on Earth

7. I am not preparing for Manager post, I’m working so I can Hire them

8. Time is limited so Don’t waste it in Checking Status, Go get Life

9. Get Satisfied in Small things is not my style, I’m Born for Large

10. I’m not Ignoring you, You are Just not My Type of Taste

11. Get Happiness in Small achievements is not for I born, Big Dreams

12. I am not maybe the Best Boyfriend, But I’m the best Friend in World

13. I Design my Life by Myself, I don’t care what other thinks

14. Oh!! I found Something under my Shoes Oh!! It’s your Attitude

15. You are preparing Day and Night for the Job that My Company is Giving Vacancy For

16. I have Power to only Tell you that “I LOVE YOU” but I don’t have power to Convince you to LOVE me

17. Be your own Boss and Work on your Growth

18. I don’t want to Give you a Heart attack by saying “I LOVE YOU TOO”

19. I will Win not Immediately, but Definitely

20. If people are pulling you Down then it is the Sign that you are above them

21. Attitude Defines your personality, So Bring Best Positive attitude from inside you

22. Enjoy every moment of Life with Joy. Smile everyday

23. Don’t just See Dreams, also try to complete them

24. We all have 24 Hours everyday, It Depends on us that how wisely we could spend it.

25. I’m not too smart it’s just I’m not foolish like you.

26. It is better to FAIL in something by trying it, as compared to not try thing at all.

27. I’m not try to being COOL, It’s Just I don’t do things that are Normal.

28. Success is Created not Gifted.

29. Don’t be Best because they are many, Be Unique because it is only one.

30. Don’t Judge anyone based on their attitude because it depends how you treat them.

31. Live everyday as it was your Last Day.

32. Bad attitude towards Life will not bring you Down but also Not allow you to Go up.

33. I’m not handsome I’m just not as ugly as you.

34. Winning ATTITUDE towards every Goal in Life will upgrade you Daily.

35. Success not that we can buy, it’s the thing we can Create.

36. My REVENGE is not by words, It’s by my SUCCESS.

37. Jump everyday from Bed by having a Goal not having a Negativity.

38. Hope is For Kids men work and gets Result.

39. To convert your DREAM into REALITY is only one way that is ACTION.

40. Life always giving an Chance to transform yourself from Nothing to Everything.

41. Start your Day with Positive attitude to Get Positive results.

42. Big things come with Big Dreams

43. Don’t Change for anyone because that person can also Change you for someone else.

44. If you Deserve money you are going to be Rich ,Increase your Value.

45. Don’t Depend on other people for your Happiness instead be the Source of Happiness for Everyone.

46. I Don’t let people Decide my future,take command of your life.

Attitude is what we all have and some people love to express their life and Personality through an amazing attitude status that defines their story and life experience.

47. I choose my friends based on attitude not based on their net worth.

48. I am not alone in Life, Its just I don’t want to Go between negative attitude people.

49. I just kept moving one step forward everyday with Positive attitude.

50. I want to be a BRAND rather buying a BRAND.

51. Positive attitude is like Auto Pilot mode it will take you automatically to your Goal.

52. There is no crush name in my dictionary, If I love someone I will get that.

53. I don’t decide my VALUE by some other people words to me.

54. I am going to win the Game or Change the game but I will never lose.

55. I try Once to convince second time I don’t know who are you.

56. Good vibes comes with Good attitude.

57. Hey you- Yes, whoever is watching my status- GET LOST.

58. I don’t have too many faces but I have one that will ruin your life.

59. There is a Difference between Big words and Big actions.

60. Your attitude towards problems will decide what your future would be.

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61. We all have 24 hours in Day, This depend on us that how we spend it

62. One is making millions in day and one is broke this is because attitude

63. Try things and fail is better then never try things

64. Positive attitude brings mindset of wisdom

65. I don’t have bad attitude it’s just I’m not intrested in you

66. I know that I am too Brave too take Challenges that will improve my Life

67. I Don’t need your Love all I need is my Peace

68. The power of Focus is comes with positive mindset

69. Teachers teach students that how I teach them

70. Some people live because its Illegal to Kill them

71. Don’t Wipe Tears Instead Wipe People out from your Life who Brings Tears

72. The thing is Your Opinion won’t pay my Bill

73. Life is not about Quantity of Friends is about Quality of Friends you have

74. Gossip Dies when it Hurts Wise Person Ears

75. People used to Laugh at me now they want to Laught with me

76. They Call you Lucky But they have no Idea How hard you’ve worked

77. I have learned more on Streets than in Classrooms

78. Makeup makes a Woman better and Breakup makes a Man better.

79. I don’t need to explain to you that who I am

80. If you don’t know your Value than somebody will tell you your Value and it will be less than your Worth.

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