90+ Birthday Wishes For Sister To Make Her Happy: 2019


Birthday Wishes For Sister to Make Her Happy: 2019

Your sister is one who stands for you from the beginning if you love your sister than I have some Birthday wishes for sisters this will Help you to Express your Love for your sister on her Birthday.

If you are reading this then most probably you are blessed with a sister, she can be older than you or younger but she is there for you. 

Birthday wishes sister

A sister is someone who helps you even in small issues of your Life like Making school projects, Helps you in Cooking and List Goes on.

So stick to the End to Know how you Can Make your Sister Proud and Happy on her Birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Sister 2019

1. You are my Partner in Every Crime and we have many sleepless Nights and Happy Days together It’s your Birthday I want to make this special Happy Birthday

2. From Pillow fights to Sleepless nights you are with me, I want to make you feel Proud of yourself today.

3. I am thankful to God that he Gave me a Friend and a Sister in One Soul. 

4. You have cherished my Life with Joy and Happiness a Small Gift for all of that. Happy Birthday 

5. From the Beginning to the End of Life I am Blessed for the support that I get from your side.

6. Our bond is best as compared to any other bond in the world.

Birthday wishes sister

7. Thanks for helping me in every hard situation of my Life, whenever I need you were there for me. Happy Birthday sister

8. You are younger than me, but I want you to fell bigger and Better than anyone else. You are special for me

9. Love cannot be Defined, we can only feel love and I felt that Love with you. Happy B’day

10. To the most annoying person in the house, to the Naughtiest person alive on this planet a Big Hug and a Happy Birthday.

11. Thank you for making my Childhood special, I appreciate your presence in my Life

12. Happy B’day to the Loveliest person I met in my life, you are with me in my Bad and My Good situations of life. Thank you, Sis, for Being there.

13. I can proudly say that I have two mothers after getting you in my Life, you Care for me more than anyone else. Happy Birthday, Sis.


14. I can’t express my Love in Words that’s why I’m writing this letter to you, I just want you to stay with me for my whole Life

15. Being strict is your Love, Being Rude sometimes is my mistake, Thanks For Guiding me for my entire Life. Happy Birthday

16. I am Thankful for any reasons in my Life and One reason is you, I am lucky to have a sister like you.

17. I am here to say Happy Birthday to you I know I’m sounding silly but I can’t express what I think and feel about you in words Sister

18. I pray that you receive lots of Hugs and Blessings on your Birthday more than Birthday Gifts

19. You are my friend more than a Sister I can share everything that I wish I have a person to share with

20. We are together since childhood my love for you is never decreased because your love for me never stopped increasing. Happy Birthday

21. We live together more like a friend than siblings so Just want to say Thanks to being Frank with me.

22. Sometimes I feel Blessed because I have a sister like you. Happy B’day

23. I have many wishes in my Life and God has fulfilled one by giving you in my Life

24. I want you to say Happy Birthday because you are there for me every time

25. Maybe this Birthday Gift looks too small in front of what you’ve done for me. Happy Birthday

26. To Be Happy I don’t need fancy clothes and Cars just a Good Sister like you

27. Good things come to those who did something Well, But I’m lucky Because I got you since childhood without doing anything Good

28. I pray this Day you receive more Hugs and Blessings than Messages on Whatsapp. Happy B’day

29. My Life Journey is started with you and Gonna ends with you Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday

30. To the most Loved person in the house and to the most annoying too, I want to say thank You for being there

31. You are with me since Childhood Thanks for being there

32. May your Day gets filled with lots of wishes and Blessings, Happy B’day

33. Love is Undefined but with you, I experienced some connection within

34. Sorry for everything that I did wrong with you, today I want to make this Day Special. Happy Birthday

35. I don’t want to rate our Relationship because it is special.

36. Our Bond is special we fight, Love and play but at any situation, we stay together.

37. Love is the most beautiful thing in Life that I have felt with you. Happy Birthday

38. May this Day you get a Blasting Day and full of Gifts and Blessings.

39. Our fights and sleepless nights all comes down to a Your Birthday Night. Happy B’day

40. I want you as my sister in my Next Life also because you are there for me whenever I need you

41. You are younger and small than me but the precious thing in my Life. Happy Birthday

42. To the Moon and Back is Very small to describe my Love for you. Thank you for everything

43. I wish you stay young from Inside always no matter how old you get from outside. Happy Birthday

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44. For me, you are the source of Inspiration whenever I face Hard times I look at you as an Inspiration for fighting with Problems.

45. Your every move is close to my Heart, So to the most Cutest person alive on Earth Happy B’day

46. This is the Day when you entered in my Life, I’m still thankful for that to God.

47. People will Judge you on the Basis of how you treat them but Our love is not based on Judgement or past.

48. You are Full of Life and Full of Energy I pray you to stay like this always.

49. You are more Important than you think for yourself.

50. You have saved me thousands of Dollars by Just protecting me with problems as a Bodyguard. Happy Birthday

51. Our connection is not limited to as  a Brother and Sister we are Real life Friends

52. I don’t tell you this before but today I want to confess that you are the one who I loved the most. Happy B’day

53. I can remember that Day when I saw you first you are Like the tiny Cute Panda, but for me, you are the Biggest thing in my Life.

54. You have taught me many lessons in life about work and Ethics and Moral and list goes on I just want to return that by my Love for you in this Card.

55. Whenever I made a mistake You are there for me to solve that issue for me.

56. The love that I experience every time I sit or play with you is selfless love you are the best thing that happened to me.

57. I enjoy the moments of my Life most which I have spent under your Company. Happy Birthday

58. To Get that amazing Vibes I don’t want that amazing success, I just need your presence.

59. I want to treat you like a Princess because you Deserve the love that you have provided to us.

60. I want to make your life full of Happiness not by with materialistic things but with feelings and Care. Happy B’day Sis

61. To the most Caring Person on Earth, I want to to tell you are my Everything.

62. I want you to see Happy and Successful You always taught me life lessons now I want you to be at the top.

63. You are the youngest but most Important part of my Life.

Cool Birthday wishes for sister

64. I want to Give all the Joy and Happiness by 10X to you because you Deserve them.

65. I forgot the word Loneliness the moment you’ve entered in my Life. Happy Birthday

66. I remember those days when you just stop every important work for me and family you are the pillar of this House.

67. You are the person who changed my life and helped me to reach where I am today. Thanks for everything

68. This Beautiful Gift on your Birthday may can’t express what I feel about you but The Card which is Inside with Gift Will. Happy Birthday

69. Maybe you are not Popular or Famous but for me, you are above all of those people.

70. You have Changed the way I see things, you taught me a Lesson of Happiness and Life every time I feel Sad

71. You help people in their Hard time’s thanks for being so positive every time. Happy B’day

72. You have a Blessing of God now and that is Youth, you are Young and Happy Enjoy this Day! Happy Birthday

73. A Bad Day for me become Happy when I spend time with you. Enjoy this day my Sis

74. Lovely Days and Hard times both are spent with you I am thankful for all of that.

75. I realized that Dream Comes True when You entered in my Life.

76. Life gives you many problems and Obstacles but life also gives you a sweet gift in a way of Sister. Happy B’day to you my little sis

77. I want you to be a Better Person in Life and Happiest person on Earth because you Deserve all this.

78. In the house, you are the younger and in my eyes, you are Bigger than all. Happy B’day

79. May I don’t love to share things to share with you but I love that I have shared my Childhood with you! Happy Birthday Sister

80. I pray that God gives you Knowledge and Wisdom and Happiness that you Deserves in Life. Happy B’day

81. Everyone Loves you in the House as a Daughter or a Girl but for me, you are more than that.

82. The cutest thing that I have in my House is you I want you to stay with me always. Happy Birthday

83. It’s your Birthday today but I pray that your everyday spend like this because this day you receive many Blessings and Happiness 

84. I’m elder than you in age but when I play with you as a Child I become Young again. Happy Birthday little sister 

85. We fought many times in a year but today I want to tell what I really feel about you through this Card

86. Maybe I am not that Rich today but I will give my 100% to make you.

87. I feel lucky because whenever I face Hard times you are there with me to face the problem. Happy B’day

88. Someone said truly that when you find a person who Supports you than you don’t need any motivation.

89. Greatest Gift I can give you is that I want to tell you the truth that what I feel about you. 

90. I enjoy each moment I spend with you. Thanks for being there for us. 

91. Everyone can become Rich but not Everyone can become Good Hearted person like you. 

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