69+ WoW Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Loved Ones


69+ Happy Birthday Wishes:

To make anyone’s Birthday special we only need some Birthday wishes, that makes them to feel special and make them more Happier on their special day.
Everyone’s birthday becomes so special when they receive blessings from the people they love most.

We have best Collection of  Wishes for your loved ones.

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69+ WoW Birthday Wishes

1. May this Day brings lots of Joy and Happiness to your Life, and may all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday

2. You come to a new level of Life this day, may this year helps you to fulfil all your Dreams and Wishes!! Happy Birthday.

3. Enjoy this Day and do what you love this time never comes back. Happy bday

4. You are with me in my every hard situation of life, I pray this year brings lots of Happiness for you!! Very Happy birthday

5. You are with me in all my life stages, you are with me in my hard and happy times as well, I love you my MoM may I can give you Happiness as much you give me!! Happy birthday

6. Forget the past and all the fights, start glowing candles and Lights and I pray this year all your Dreams come true!! Happy bday

7. By this Day your age is going up with your success and Happiness in life.

8. Be Happier, Successful and Enjoy this year going to be a blast for you

9. May your life shine as Sun and your life attracts success as magnet.

10. You have freedom today to murder a Cake go and enjoy.

11. You are my Crime partner and I enjoy every difficulty with you and you make my everyday special. Happy bday

12. You are not best because best are many, you are Unique because unique is only one. Happy birthday

13. Don’t stop at average be like your age that never stops at one point!! Happy bday

14. You are the sunshine in darkness and you are the star that makes darkness also special.

15. This year do things that makes you who you are, and be strong to face every challenge of life.

16. I am never excited in my life like today, because today is your birthday and I want to blast this day.

17. Every moment is precious of life, but today is something special because it’s your birthday so happy bday

18. This time is not to see any dream this time is for to taking actions for your Dreams!!

19. Prayers of people help, but you helped me in my real life today I only want to wish on your bday. Happy birthday

20. May you achieve success in your every step of life.

21. Age does not matter when you have desire to achieve something and that is in you!! Happy birthday

22. When I saw you first time you blow my mind but now it’s time to blow some candles my love. Happy Birthday

23. You are more sweet from your birthday cake in real life, enjoy your day my son.

24. I’m waiting when it’s going to be 12 in night and I wish yoy first because you are the first I saw when I born. Happy birthday

25. A very Happy birthday to the person who always make us laugh and kill negativity all around.

26. You are more hotter than fire, how I know this? Because I experienced it. Happy b’day

27. Don’t sacrifice your Happiness for other, you also have life my friend happy birthday

28. May this day you get all the gifts that you want.

29. You just leveled up in your life I pray for you that you get success in life as you want. Happy birthday

30. I wish I could be with you on this special occasion but for now take my wishes and feel I’m there. Happy b’day

31. Enjoy your birthday because it is your beginning of new age and Journey.

32. Don’t let others to decide your future because I believe in you and your decisions. Happy b’day

33. I wish you happy birthday ,the day is full of Cakes and Gifts for you may you love this year.

34. I wish you happy b’day to the person who is master in every field of life.

35. May you always stay cheerful in life and I wish you stay blessed!! Happy birthday

36. This year never comes back, this day never comes, this minute never comes back, this second never comes back and even this joyful day of your birthday will never come back so enjoy and my wishes are always with you. A very happy birthday

37. This year will give you lots of opportunities and people who loves you. Happy b’day

38. Happy birthday to my boy who is there always with me when I am in difficulty.

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39. Shine like a star be calm as a soul and share happiness as flower and very happy birthday.

40. Sun also gets jealous from you because your life is more bright than his sunshine.

41. Happy birthday to my brother from another mother, may your dream come true.

42. In my success there is big role of yours, without you I’m nothing. Happy birthday mom

43. Happy birthday to the cutest person I’ve ever met.

44. Follow your Dreams and passion because life is too short to have regrets. Happy b’day

45. The day is full of Joy and Happiness because its your birthday looking forward to party with you. Happy b’day

46. Very excited for this day from so many weeks finally the day had come happy b’day to the most loved teacher in our school.

47. You are the winner in every field of life, I saw you from your childhood happy b’day to my son.

48. Happy birthday to the awesome person I’ve ever met in my life.

49. Your Success path is Just started your journey is very long so be happy!!A very happy birthday

50. Success gives you achievement and sharing your Success will give you satisfaction!! On your birthday share happiness with other people also.

51. Anything in life is not stable even water also never get settled at one place, So don’t stop if you get a failure the journey will be hard but there is win. Happy b’day

52. Happy birthday brother enjoy this day as you enjoy your each day and don’t forget to give party.

53. God makes you able to give happiness to other, I just pray for you that you stay like this forever. Happy b’day

54. This world receives you as a blessing on this Day, you created a history in past years with your achievements and I pray many more come!! Happy b’day

55. You are like a song for everybody, because when you come I forget everything.

56. Happy birthday Rise and Shine every morning from this Day because you get your new year of 365 Days.

57. You are getting older only by your age not by your Heart and Soul, be young and cheerful towards life. Happy b’day

58. Happy birthday to the King of success I saw you getting Success in every field of life and I pray this continues.

59. I don’t want to miss opportunity to wish the cutest person living on earth!! Happy birthday

60. May your year spend with Courage and Joy and your enemy get jealous from your success. Happy bday

61. All flowers and Gifts of world wants to contribute to your birthday party, but I can bring only these in my hand!! Happy birthday

62. Happiest b’day to the teacher who guide us what is wrong and what is right what to choose and what not to choose. We all are excited for this Day thanks for supporting us.

63. Every day rise like a sun and spread your success fragrance like a flower with everyone.

64. You are a star living on earth not in the sky, I know these lines are small to describe my love for you my love. Happy birthday

65. I get egoistic sometimes because I have one star in my house and that is you my son. Haply b’day

66. You are more than you think never underestimate yourself by listening to other people’s, always try to grow. Happy b’day

67. Your age is just a sign that you are going to grow more in life.

68. I wish this day you become magnet and wishes of earth becomes iron, so you can get all of them. Haply b’day.

69. I can’t describe my love for you in words, you have done lot of things for me in life, at this point I only want to be with you my love happy birthday

70. Today moon is not happy only because of you, because you look more pretty than him. Happy b’day

These birthday wishes will definitely goung to make your loved one happy and surprise, these wishes for birthday will make them positive towards life and they will be more joyful and cheerful for every phase of life they had. So share as much you can to make everyone’s birthday special.

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