200+ Awesome Quotes to Feel Positive and Happy


Want to become awesome in Life? Everyone wants to be awesome in their life no one loves to spend their life with an average version of themselves and that’s a great choice Btw. Awesome Quotes helps people to achieve their awesomeness level instantly.

Everyone is awesome and everyone has their own unique style to represent themselves and their attitude but due to life situations and negative surroundings we start losing our awesomeness and we also start becoming what society wants to make us.

I am promising you that through these Quotes you will start loving yourself and you will see life with an awesome perspective again.

200+ Awesome Quotes to Change your Life

• Life is a gift to everyone but only some people get a chance to open it, so make sure to open it today

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• Awesome people treat Overthinking like Ex they ignore it because they only love their present moment

• I Don’t give a Fu*k attitude is not an easy task and that’s why I own this attitude

• People are chasing brands while I was working to be a Brand

• When you start loving your own company then you start creating a better space for yourself

• A mindset of a person will decide if he is gonna make it or break it

• Carry what you actually are every single day not what you get attracted towards

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• Actions of your present will decide your future and in life whatever you are today just because of past actions…Peace

• I don’t  look for anyone’s approval because I know that their opinion will not be valid for my Dream

• Life is equal to everyone it’s just that some people are strong and some people get strong with their life experiences

• I love my life because of I thankful for everything that I have today

• Do what you love doing not what is Cool and trending because trends will always change but you will with yourself forever

• Being awesome I have understood one thing and that is not everyone has the potential to handle my personality

• I can’t copy anyone in style because my awesomeness has not left any space for me to copy anything else🤘

awesome quotes

• Hard times are like vacuum cleaner they just remove the people who are not loyal to you

• Life is a Game and God is Developer and you are Player with zero lifelines so there is no option of losing

• Walk like a way that your impression stay on ground but no one is able to understand them because they are unique

• Sharing happiness with others is a simple way to multiply your Happiness…Stay Happy always

• Your attitude towards any problem makes it big or small so work on your attitude first not on your Problems

• Failure is a true inspiration after that any other motivation is only for words

• We can’t change the way life is going on but we can change the way how we are seeing life going on

• Karma is like a Boomerang, whatever you throw will come back to you

• World will criticise you for your one mistake, but you have to appreciate your Good ones

• Stay Positive, Don’t Overthink, Be yourself, Do what you Really Love and at the end start taking action

• Its not about laziness every time awesome people have their choice to make it or not and most of the time they make it

• Hope is for losers people who want success they will get that no matter what obstacles they face

• You will lose in life’s game if you are giving something by expecting something in return

• Every morning read something positive that creates a shield around you to stay safe from negativity

• Moment when you start taking stress on things which you can’t control then you start killing yourself

• Every day focus on just 1% growth and at the end of the year you will grow by 365%

• Doing something of your choice or not leg pullers will be there, it’s upon you totally

• Family can hate you or beat you but they can’t think to bad for you

• A person cannot become awesome with average surrounding

Motivational Awesome Quotes for Life

• No one is caring for you & your dreams…Facing any failure? Learn from it and start again

• Want to become strong without doing exercise? Do things that make you feel who you are

• Life is not about believing in God by sitting at the couch, you have to sacrifice your blood & sweat

• Biggest mistake is to listen to people who have not yet figured out their life journey

• Stand in front of the mirror and ask question “Am I living my life as I wished for myself”

• Leaders say success is Hard because success asks for sacrifices

• Awesomeness is always inside of a person just remove the dust of fear, negativity, and ego

• Regret is more painful than failure, take action may you win

• Kindness is just an act that sometimes gets manipulated and come back to us in a negative manner

• Fear of failure only exists in mind and that can be break by taking the first step without fear

• A person’s mindset is going to decide whether he will make it or not

• When I stopped hanging around with friends that stopped me growing I saw my myself at the top from that moment

• Cherish your life with Joy and Happiness, don’t stress on success because one day life will end

• Money can come back, Health can come back, Relations can come back but Time wasted will never come back

• Thinking too much is a key to stress and anxiety, only focus on what matters

• Create your own beat and dance everyday by learning a new step each day

• Failures are signs of you are trying something new so don’t stop until you master that new thing

• Monday or Sunday don’t count days based on schedule live everyday like Saturday

• Go out and try to do something new don’t die with the yesterday’s version of yourself

• Time will move like water and will never come so better to make a good decision for you at this time

• Awesome people create their own way when everyone stops their way

• I believe in following rules that make me Happy not rules that stop me living

• everything that you want is available it’s just you have to become a deserving candidate for it

• Quotes will provide you only the path, but you have to walk on that path

• Give your 100% in any situation who knows what value it has

• No one has got your back, you have to command your life according to you

• Start walking on one path if you want to get rid of too many conflicts of life

• Jump from your bed every day to do something that makes you Happy

• Awesome people don’t wait for Sunday to do fun their attitude allows them to spend their week as a Sunday

Thanks for reading this article till here now I want to share an awesome quote with you that has changed my life completely and that is

” Sacrifice something for Everything”

Meaning of this quote is that in life if you sacrifice small things like Hanging out with friends, Late night Television and Movies then you can have time that you can use for your Growth and Development.

You can achieve many things in your life that you can’t achieve by wasting time.

Now after reading these awesome quotes you can think on that inspirational awesome quote as well.

• You are already a loser if you are blaming others for your life problems

• Making excuses will not pay your bills working consistently will

• Hard truth is you will die one day and good things are you know this today, so you can make a change

• First people will laught at you by saying “Its impossible for you” then there will be one question in there mind for you “How”

Amazing Short Awesome Quotes

• Be the author of your own Life

• Awesome people don’t look for happiness because they are the source of Happiness

• Never think twice on something that hurts you

• Option of targeting Success will be there but your goal should be Excellence always

• You will see awesome people rarely because they are only a few in numbers

• Maybe my attitude is not perfect but my attitude is awesome for me

• Push yourself every morning to be better than yesterday

• Hate yourself, yell on yourself but never stop believing in yourself

• I take action to inspire people #beawesome

Best Funny Awesome Quotes

• Awesome people have a sweetheart that’s why most of them are diabetic

• I think to enjoy my own company but I can’t because then I will get addicted to it

• People will start following but you don’t have time for them because you are awesome and they aren’t

• Being cool and Hot is old now being awesome is trending and btw I am ruling on that trend

• Ex Gf- Why you have so much ego

Me (As an awesome person) – It’s not ego it’s my awesomeness, that your present don’t have

• The dream is not to rule with heart, dream is to rule on hearts

• Stop stressing on people who don’t deserve your attention at all

• Life can be the best place to live in if you know what and how to do things

Awesome Quotes for Students Growth and Success

• Train your Brain every morning by working on your strengths

• Excellence is a key that can open any door of Success

• Master your thoughts and you will see 90% drop in your anxiety

• Good days and bad days both will be there but you have to take your smile together

• Obstacles and Hurdles will only come when you do something big

• New year resolutions are scrap if you are not taking action on them whole Year

• Get satisfied with your own work don’t wait for someone’s good reaction

• Students have the power of making the hardest decision in small time

• I love to Be ambitious for your Life not for marks

• Path of success looks like~ Sacrifices, Stress, failure and Doubt, get the courage to have these

• Shining stars always looks beautiful from far but from near they are hard

Sometimes we make a decision in life by seeing good things and glowing results that other people are having but when you walk on that path you feel burned out so this awesome quote is representing that choice of your life.

As I mentioned above awesomeness is always inside you it totally depends upon us how we express it and we carry it.

Everyone wants to feel awesome and positive but sometimes our surroundings don’t support us for that, awesome quotes are an intangible thing but their effect is more powerful than a tangible thing.

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