Want to achieve the mindset of leaders and Winners? Mindset is everything if you have the wrong mindset it will break you or if you have the right mindset it will make you. The motivational status will provide you the right mindset which you can use to create success in your life.

Waiting for someone’s support? I have news for you ~ No one will come ~ Get up every morning to work for yourself.

These motivational quotes for WhatsApp will help you to get that mindset of winners and leaders who love winning and know how to achieve success in their Life.

You can also use these motivational statuses to create a positive impact on other people’s lives as well by putting these statuses on your Whatsapp and Facebook.

200 Motivational Status for Success in Life

motivational status for whatsapp
  • Make your Yesterday jealous by improving your Today
  • It’s not about how hard problem is, it’s about what’s your attitude for that problem is
  • Everything becomes easy when you become crazy
  • Make yourself that good that success looks like dancing on beats #simple
  • Staying Happy and Staying fit will make you Lit
  • You are the author of your Life and your daily actions are your words
  • Document your journey you’ll be happier in your old age by seeing it again
  • Life will show you many types of people but don’t react to everyone
  • Don’t work to prove somebody, Work to sleep in the night with self-satisfaction
  • Make choices some will go right some will go wrong but you will learn something for sure
  • Facing difficulties and feeling depressed is a sign of you are trying something big in life
  • When you don’t see any shine become your own sunshine
  • Comfort zone is like a golden cage it is comfortable but growth is zero

Motivational Quotes and Status for Whatsapp

motivational status for whatsapp
  • Happiness costs nothing but we all are betting with life by using it
  • To unlock success you have to unlock your passion first
  • Everyone starts their journey by seeing a destination but no one wants to experience journey
  • Respect bad days in your life because they make you stronger by taking out you from your comfort zone
  • Uplift yourself with the positive words that don’t allow negativity to knock your door
  • Silly things in life can make you happier then expensive things
  • Believing in yourself will give you the strength in your Hard times
  • Sometimes becoming selfish in life to do what you love and passionate about is worth
  • Become truly passionate about the thing you want and you will see it coming to your way
  • You will be thankful to yourself for not quitting too early
  • First step of making a dream into reality is by taking that first step
  • Shining stars have also crossed a rough journey that shines in front of millions
  • You can’t win today’s game by applying yesterday’s rules
  • Be aware of your thoughts and control them thoughts are powerful use them in the right way
  • Sacrifice something for Everything

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[BEST] Motivational Whatsapp Status

motivational status
  • Set a powerful target in front of your competitors that they can’t even think to break it
  • Don’t sit with hope only put your daily efforts as well
  • Winners also face difficulties and obstacles but they add more strength in them according to that problem
  • Priorities your day, don’t make excuses of not having time because you got only one life
  • Leaders stick with one goal and losers change their goals like calendar every single day
  • Dare to do something different from everyone will create history
  • Failure is also a step that will help you to reach the destination of success
  • Combination of knowledge and execution will change the game
  • To win the game sometimes you have to change the rules as well
  • Hard work does not pay how you work will pay
  • Environment decide mindset and mindset of a person decides his success
  • Nobody will come and hand over your dream you have to take command of your life
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks today because regret of later will be painful
  • Know your self worth don’t allow the world to decide your worth
  • Questions you ask from yourself have more valuable answers
  • I only focus on trying not on crying
  • Anyone can become successful if there are willing to put sacrifices
  • Put one Brick a day to see your mansion one day
  • Waiting for someone’s support? I have news for you ~ No one will come
  • Do something different to get something different simple
  • Life is not a place for hanging out its a one time gift make it a masterpiece
  • Habits and actions of your present will decide your future
  • Set a hard benchmark for tomorrow by making your today strong & beautiful
  • Fear exists only in thoughts,
  • I Believe in showing results not sharing plans
  • These words gonna change your scene ~ “I have unlimited potential in my hand that I am not going to waste no matter what”
  • Love the way you actually are, and enjoying your own company you’ll become more positive
  • If success would be easy everyone can do it


motivational status
  • Don’t show your interest in something show your efforts for something
  • There is no dream seen yet that cannot be achievable
  • Mind is a powerful tool it can make you or break you
  • Success and Time are always there put your FOCUS on them
  • Press the delete button for every negative thought that comes in your mind
  • Knockout your fear don’t allow him to earn a single point by your side
  • Life is the most blissful experience and you are blessed because you got one #bethankful
  • Smile is the key that unlocks millions of hearts without any effort, put on your face
  • Leg pullers are the symptom that indicates that you are doing something great in life
  • Cut yourself from toxic people and you will feel more stronger than before
  • Start working on yourself the moment you wake
  • Rise and Shine don’t spread hate
  • Karma will handle all the haters just focus on your Goal
  • You are gonna feel sad and depressed but that’s only the part of the journey
  • Fuel your success vehicle but don’t stop it at any cost
  • Once you achieve something you got believe to achieve everything
  • Knowledge is waste without execution and execution without right knowledge leads to failure
  • Beat yourself, cry with yourself but don’t ever hate yourself
  • Be Joyful and Happy in every moment of life


motivational status
  • Time is flying and the best part is you are the pilot
  • Quitting is an option but by choosing that option life will become regretful
  • Achievements leave clues but success leaves an impression on minds
  • Best way to get what you want is by doing what you truly love
  • Never grown-up mindset will always allow you to grow
  • Earn respect in your own eyes first & then the world will follow that
  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears will pay to you soon


motivational status for whatsapp
  • Once you got the courage to face the fear, fear will go permanently
  • A positive mind creates positive surroundings that lead to positive results
  • Set a goal that pulls you not a goal that you have to push
  • Nothing is permanent Failure and Success both are temporary
  • Patience can give a perspective that urgency cannot
  • Sometimes you have to make your own path when every road is blocked
  • Success will meet you on the other side of Failure, Stress, and Fear
  • Compete with yourself, then everyone will lose automatically
  • Stars only shine in Darkness

Stars only shine in darkness means here I represented failure with the term darkness…

We all face failure in our life and Business so the motive of telling this quote is that if you are facing failure and hard times then don’t worry you will shine through these tough situations only because no one has ever got success by staying in comfort zone.

Now let’s get back out inspiring status again

  • Be grateful to what you have to multiply what you have
  • Work for your freedom not for other’s freedom
  • Simplicity is the key to get success in Life
  • Life Motivational Status and Quotes
  • Nothing is hard in life if you believe in your potential
  • Life work is to throw challenges and your work is to knock out each of them
  • Don’t need any outside motivation when you know your “Why”
  • Friends are sending valentine card when I am working hard
  • Successful people and Unsuccessful people have only one difference and that is “Focusing on one thing”
  • Never stop what you love doing by listening to a person who hates his own job
  • Dare to dream while you are awake not when you are sleeping

Best Motivational Status for Facebook

motivational status
  • Be a Badass when it comes to you and your Life
  • East or West your character is best
  • Cry on failures but learn from them as well
  • Be thankful to what you are and work to grow daily
  • It’s easy to Quit but hard to sustain
  • Wake up and Dress up every morning to do what you truly Love
  • Motivation is not needed when you get to know that you are going to die one day
  • Compete with yourself, others are only for the company
  • A light is not everything but it shows everything same mindset is not everything but it creates everything
  • Learn how to overcome not from failing
  • Things will not fall on your Lap you have to earn it
  • It takes time to build big things #bepatient
  • Don’t complain if you don’t have the courage to change
  • Success is not a blink of a matter it takes time
  • Don’t regret later start today


  • Comparing yourself with others will kill your Joy
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks to be afraid of not taking any risks
  • A human being with no desire is like a Car without fuel
  • Challenge yourself every day don’t get settle by thinking too small
  • Come out and explore new things, change your glasses
  • Change the way you see life and life will change
  • Storms of a hard time will move soon if you have sunshine inside that drives you

So I want to discuss something more here now after all these motivational status.

I have faced multiple failures in my life that had taught me many things in Life.

I know that you also feel depressed and sad sometimes frustrated also but want to tell one thing to you and that is…

No one is interested in your Dreams and passion if you have a Dream you have to take command of it by yourself.

Every morning start your day with “Yes I Can” and ” I have the potential that I’m not going to waste” try these inspiring words for morning this will change your mindset very quickly.

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