100+ Smile Quotes And Sayings That Will Make Your Day


Everyone wants happiness and Smile in their life, but not everyone can achieve because of their life issues. Smile Quotes has energy that makes us feel positive and it gives us boost to face every challenge of our life, These beautiful Quotes will bring a smile on a person’s face who is feeling Low and Sad.

In my school my teacher always tell me that smile in hard times because hard times are the signs of you trying something new and good that can bring you a better future and Life.


smile quotes


1. A single Smile is capable to make the atmosphere positive and Happy
2. Your Smile does not only make you happy, but your Smile is also a medicine for us also
3. Sharing positive thoughts and doing what you love is what makes you happy from inside
4. Smile is like a flower it stays at one place but its fragrance can go to miles
5. A smile gives you the original strength that is required to face every challenge of life
6. Stars only shine in Darkness, So don’t worry if you are getting any failure, Smile in every situation
7. My smile is not a sign that I’m stupid it’s just I don’t waste my time on people who don’t have a brain
8. Smile is the master key that can easily unlock anyone’s heart

9. Smile n bring you positivity with happiness

smile quotes

10. If your Smile making someone’s Day than it should be there always

11. A Slave with Smile is always better than the King without Smiling

12. A smile can easily transform any hard times into Good one

13. Don’t Judge a Book by its cover and Don’t Judge a person by his face, maybe he is happier more than you from inside

14. Smile is a powerful sign that can end all evil

15. Best wish you can give me today is your smile

16. If anyone’s heart got break than it can heal instantly by the medicine named as a smile

17. Smile is a beautiful positive energy that anyone can have it’s free

18. Facing every challenge with a Smile maybe not make you a winner but it will give you the energy to face next to one

smile quotes

19. A smile can heal wounds that cannot get heal with Words

20. If you are facing a failure than you must know that stars only shine in Darkness

21. Bring a smile that will benefit others also not only you

22. King doesn’t need Kingdom to be happy when he has his Queen

23. A Smile is a Gift that God Gives to everyone but not everyone can open it

24. The smile has the power to always feel you younger than you are

25. Best Light is inside you that can remove your Darkness of life

26. Be your own Fan means love yourself more than others

27. Positive smile is a sign to a positive start and end of positive Goal

28. A smile can’t be measured because a small smile is also effective as a big one

29. Don’t forget those people who are with you when no one is because they are who will be with you when you have nothing

30. A person with a smile is more beautiful than a person with a pretty face

31. Smile is like a mirror, smile at it and it will smile back at you

32. Smile is as light as oxygen but it works as a Big Thing

33. Your Smile doesn’t need anyone’s approval you just need your belief

34. A smile can’t be measured because A small smile works as a big smile there is no difference

35. Smile is a light that doesn’t need any electricity

36. People with Smile are beautiful as compared to people with a pretty face

37. You cannot stay positive always but you can have energy always with a smile to face challenges

38. A smiling face is a star in a group of fake people’s

39. There is no substitute of smile because it is only one

40. A smile can express anything that words cannot in this world

41. Sometimes your smile becomes the source of your Joy and Happiness

42. Leave the clues of yours with your Smile

43. A smile can give you many thoughts that will expand you as a person in life

44. There is no limit of your Success it just depends upon you what’s your Goal is

45. Bring a Smile in your life every day and See changes that how life changes

46. Your situations of life become your Lens to see Life

47. Best Gift that you can Open always and any time and that is a Smile

48. A shining sun is always get appreciated but the sun who is trying and growing every day is Legend

49. Smile is my Bff I can share all I have with him at any time

50. You cannot Judge a person by his face but you can judge a person on his Smile easily

51) A smile is a tool that can repair anyone’s heartbreak

52) Smile is a powerful blessing that everyone has by God

53) Shine like a star and rise as the sun but always with a smile

54) A Morning with a smile brings a Day with Positivity

55) Don’t wait for results if you are not taking actions for it

56) Life is full of Opportunities if you know how to catch them with a smile

57) Smile is a Gift that God has given to everyone, But not everyone has know how to and when to open it

58) Daily act of kindness by knowing that it will not benefit you gives satisfaction

59) Hard times should not be hard more than you. Always smile

60) Your attitude towards any problem makes it big or small

61) Life rule is if we focus on good then good will focus on us

62) Everyday upgrade yourself to fight with new challenges and obstacles because its all about how hard you play

63) Leave all the negativity on ground and you will see that you are getting bigger

64) Wake up every morning to fly like a bird not work like a slave

65) Your past has no control on your present, make your present so strong that past get jealous

66) Start believing in yourself will give you strength in hard times

67) Glasses will protect you wfrom sun and smile will protect you from negativity

68) Smile on each step because journey is more important, don’t wait for destination

69) Love your silly mistakes and appreciate your failure, they will fuel your success vehicle

70) Remove words like IF and BUT just do it with a positive smile, just try nothing will fall on your lap

71) Smile is free of cost in world but heaviest also that some people can hold it

72) A person with premium clothes will look lower infront of a person with decent smile on his face

73) Discipline is when you do things that you don’t love by knowing that is necessary for your growth

74) Things that made you smile is the strength of yours

75) Great thing about smile is it can come to anyone who is not even aware about it at all

76) Life will give you many negative turns but you have to drive with smile instead of taking U TURN

These Smile Quotes will bring a positive vibes in your life and that will increase your Happiness and positivity in life.

If you share a smile with your loved ones every day than you are also making other’s day also and then your smile becomes a Blessing.

Smile can change your thought process and it will make you think for what’s possible instead of what not and that’s the great thing that I have found about smile in life.

In my school my teacher always

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