101 New Whatsapp Status for Love and Success


Nowadays having a status for WhatsApp says everything about you. That what type of person you are and what you thought. So I have Best WhatsApp Status for you.

1. I am a star since my born.

2. I have my own rules to follow.

3. My goal is to live life without regrets.

4. You have to take command of yourself.

5. The truth is no one is available for you to do your work for your success.

6. I am not maybe a job person but im a good entrepreneur.

7. My ethics are my weapons.

8. I have a thought process of winning.

9. People are always there to remove you from your track but you have to find the reason to work.

10. I have an addiction called winning.

11. Maybe I don’t have the power to win the game. But I have to change the game.

12. Failures and stress are for those who don’t know about work.

13. The light inside me will fade everything that stopping me.

14. I am not here to see the game but I’m here to beat you.

15. I don’t believe in hard work. We are used to doing smart work.

16. Don’t focus on temporary happiness until you find your own value.

17. Be your own judge fight for yourself.

18. Don’t think that people are there and will always there for you.

19. No one cares you take action or not because if you don’t act on your goals. There are so many available to complete that.

20. Be the best version of yourself.

21. Focus until you win. Fake it till you make it

22. Don’t be the best because there are many. Be unique because that can be one only.

23. I am not going to stop until I have it.

24. For me, success is not fame and money it is a journey to build myself.

25. Building and working on own is the prime happiness.

26. Don’t reduce your own value to some person.

27. I am not a person who wears a brand I am a person who owns that brand.

28. Thinking small is leading to small success.

29. Work smart and hard until you get that done.30. Be your own light in the darkness of your own failures.

31. Rules are applicable until they are in my book.

32. Be the brand that not everyone can afford.

Look I’m sharing all these stuff like WhatsApp status or everything for success because I know lots of people who are depressed and think that they cannot do this thing.

Your own smartness your own mental toughness will work for you.
Don’t trust anyone like friends or family they will not provide you food or fame and money when you are in debt.
So let’s get two more WhatsApp status for success and motivation by me.

33. Be the prime minister of your own state.

34. Be the person who gets focus by other don’t focus on girls.

Now here is the best thing that I’m going to share with you guys just wait a moment and get set the start for WhatsApp status for love in Hindi or English.

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Whatsapp status for love in Hindi and English. Love Quotes

whatsapp status

1. I like you not by chance it’s my choice.

2. I will be there with you when no one is with you.

3. You are my soul and I’m your body

4. With you, every step is an amazing and unique as a rollercoaster.

5. When I first saw you-you stuck in my heart.

6. Talking with you whole year is like 1 minute.

7. Maybe I’m not a person who drive your cars but I will be the one who follows your dreams with you.

8. Standing with you at every situation.

9. Night or Day you will be my Bae

10. Calling you baby is as cute as having a baby.

11. You are cute as hell.

12. I will destroy everything that tries to ruins our relationship.

13. I will be your first and last.

14. Being with you I forgot my age.

15. My day starts with you and ends with your smile.

16. You are as important as oxygen for me.

17. You are with me when no one is there.

18. Be my warrior and I will be your princess.

19. Our story will last forever till earth exist.

20. Forever is not a word it is a commitment

21. Being with you is like being with myself.

22. True love is not in stories it is in our heart.

23. You are my nobita and im your Shizuka.

24. Time moves as fast as bolt when I’m with you.

25. Cool stuff and happiness begin with you.

Whatsapp status for love in Hindi

1. Tere ko chahna na chahna yeh mere haat me nahi yeh mere dil ka kaam h

2. Mene hazaro logo m tujhe isliye he chuna kyuki mene tujhme apne ko dekha

3. Tere bina mera kya wajood ho tu Saath mere to har pal badiya

4. M tera sona tu mera carot

5. Chaand bhi jalta hoga tujhe mere saath dekhke

6. Tere bina har pal lage suna

7. M tujhe bas yahi kahna chahta hu ki tu sirf meri h

8. Tu mujhse baat na kare par tu mere andar hai

9. My life is like lemon water but you add as sugar and my life as lemonade

10. Ek tarafa pyaar to hona he chahiye taaki breakup kabhi naa ho

11. Mujhe tere saath time nahi zindagi bitaani hai

12. Yaad aaye to kabhi dhanyawaad bol dena

13. Mene tujhse tere paiso k liye nhi chaha Balki sirf tere liye

14. Tere saath saari tension aati hai in speed of pansion

15. Kya jina agar tu mere andar jaan he naa ho jo tu h meri

16. Aaja tujhe chaand p le chalu chaand ko uski aukat dikhane

17. Ky hua agar mene tujhe chord diya par mere dil m to tu abhi bhi hai

18. Saal or anniversary to log manate hai apna to janam janam ka saath hai

19. Tu 1 baar apne paas bulake to dekh fir mujhse alag nhi ho paayegi

20. Baat kare yaa naa kare tu par m jaanta hu ki m kya maayne rakhta hu tere liye

21. Yaarana bhi ab fika lagne laga hai tere bina

So these are some amazing WhatsApp status for love in Hindi or English.

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Funny Whatsapp status

All funny WhatsApp status are created by our team. Thanks and funny Whatsapp statuses are also important when we are talking about humor and comedy.

1. I’m not sure that I’m active or not but I’m fast as a bolt in laziness.

2. Being with myself sometimes feels like being with tom cruise.

3. I’m, not number one because I play with numbers not title them.

4. Earning money is not hard when you have a GF who works like atm.

5. Wakeup and seeing mirror is the time when I’m most fearful.

6. I don’t have fear of darkness because that darkness is not more than my face.

7. Walking on stairs is like having a routine.

8. Be as fast as possible because you are not only one.

9. Be the one who cares because there is one to care for you.

10. High on my mind not on my goal.

11. I am not an actor because I already trained them and made them a superstar.

12. I will be your competition because of I’m your boss.

13. Hahaha, my status is not joked go and find me elsewhere.

14. I’m, not your gf why you check me again and again.

15. My rules my car my destination but who I am?

16. I think there was an ant but when I went there I saw my gf.

17. Oh shit, I found something under my shoes Oh!! It’s my gf.

So these are some whatsapp status that you can use for your whatsapp, these status will definitely gonna shine your whatsapp status. People will also get shock when they will read these whatsapp status on your profile.

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