110+ Popular Whatsapp Status about Love, Funny, Attitude and Success.


Status is a Combination of powerful words that is capable to share every moment of Life. Whatsapp Status is in trend nowadays every person who Whatsapp have a good WhatsApp status.

Having the best status in your Whatsapp account plays a major role in your Life. The good status will Define your Life and your mentality to the person who is reading your Status.


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110+ {Popular} Whatsapp Status:

1) Lion Don’t need Jungle to Prove that he is Lion, the Place he goes to, he owns the place

2) Mastering in Life for Happiness will make you Happy not mastering in Collecting money.

3) You will be Better than 99% of people in Life by Just staying Satisfied about what you have and by Working for your Goals.

4) I’m not Like your Ex, Don’t Judge me upon your Expectations I’m more then you think Girl.

5) I got taught from my Childhood to fight for what I deserve So I’m here to fulfill my Dreams not to prove anyone.

6) You will get only what you put Efforts for.

7) Today I’m more than what I was in my Past because I find Some real faces of some people in my Life.

8) Saying a Good Job to Self will give a feeling of Self Love.

9) Kindness is only Good till it is not Decreasing your Self-respect.

10) Every day I jump out of Bed because when I go to sleep at night I should find something new inside me.

11) Problems will be by Default if you are Living a Life, It makes us Different from Dead people. Face and Solve.

12) I don’t have a reason to love you, I see myself inside you and feel Double power in the atmosphere.

13) Broken people are not broken by the situation they got broken by their mindset.



  • I Don’t want to fulfill any TAX because I have friends who are enough to Spend my money😂
  • Grind and Hustle and Smart work are the elements of my Life for Success
  • I am not here to show you my Status Go and Chill!!
  • Relax and have Fun because this Life is too short to focus on Dumb people
  • I’m not one of those Kids who are running behind Girls because everyone is running behind girls
  • Hope is only for Losers. If I want something I will get that Definitely
  • Every mistake has to Pay its Own price, but if you mistake to hurt me then you will not be able to pay price also
  • Day or Night I will fight till I see Glory of Light
  • We all have one Boss inside us, Motivate yourself to take actions
  • I don’t need anyone opinion to prove myself right
  • I am not perfect but I am a Limited Edition
  • My attitude is based on how people treat me

[BEST] New Whatsapp Status

26) If I want something I will get that thing no matter what it takes

27) Always appreciate yourself because people will also find their motive in appreciating you

28) I Don’t depend on others to be Happy. If you love your Company then everyone loves you

29) Yes, you who is reading my status Baby Go and meet your Ex

30) People Ignore you when they find someone better then you but animals stay forever with you for Life

31) Bring positive energy in Every moment and change how small problems get away from you

32) Mind is the most powerful tool to use to survive in this competition

33) I want to be the best in what I am Good at. Everyday Level Up

34) Life is full of Opportunities it’s Just want your attention

35) People change their faces as per situation but the situation never comes to you seeing how much power you have

36) I don’t need my better Half when I have my friends.

37) Yes, this one word will bring so many new things in Life, Say yes to new things.

38) I’m not Ignoring you it’s Just I don’t want to waste my time on you.

39) Girl go get some Life with Ex because He is my Son and I’m his father and I want my Son happy.

40) I love to explore things and Opportunities, not Girls.

41) You will become only what you see, So be aware of Negative and selfish people.

42) I own the attitude which you can’t handle.

43) Some people are Valueless, but they want valuable people near them how foolish this sounds.

44) Life is like a Chess the Smarter you are then the Winner you are.

45) My actions Speak about my Success and your words.

46) I don’t need Queen to be a King, We have our Empire.

47) Always be positive from inside in any worst situation😉

48) I am not Jealous of your Gf because I know how she will treat you and cheat on you after sometime😂💥

49) My Ex is my past and my present is Myself.

50) Before you Judge me make sure you are Perfect😘👊😎

{NEW} Awesome Whatsapp Status:

51) I learned many things with my failures and it makes me Men from Kid😎

52) I don’t want to Define myself with my Status because my Profile is sufficient to talk about me.

53) Every problem has its Solution but If there is no solution of problem then don’t force yourself to find solution because she is a Girl🙏

54) Dieing to TALK but EGO is on Top😁

55) I know best ways to take revenge but I don’t want your family to make expenses on your Funeral.

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56) I have many reasons to hate my Life but I’m living because of one reason and that’s only you😘❤

57) I hate fake people but what can I do fake people know how to act well

58) Possibility to get Success is Depends upon your Work and Effort.

59) I am doing what I love Hate me or Love I don’t care.

60) Learning is always better then Jealousy💪👑

61) I treat people as I want people to treat me😁

62) Do Bad with me today and get ready tomorrow for worse😏

63) I am Kind to forgive you but not Foolish to trust you again💢

64) Sun gives example that after every Dark situation there is a beautiful light that has to come yet.

65) I only prefer calling you Baby not having a Baby with you😋❤

66) Lions may change their place but they are still Lions.

67) When people try to pull you down then it is a Sign that you are Upper and Bigger then them.

68) Life is like a Icecream Live every moment of Life before it melts.

69) Don’t try to run behind girl who is running behind money

70) I love every second talking to you. My Life changes because of you

71) I don’t need Jail when I am with my Gf😂

72) I don’t have bad handwriting I have my Own Font

Attitude Whatsapp Status 

  • I have different personalities for Different persons.
  • I will be Successful or not but I will be the Happy person.
  • Once I warn you second time I give you Last chance and third time I will come on your funeral😎🙏
  • My attitude is not Calendar that changes everyday.
  • Some people changes as Date changes.
  • I Don’t need Winter to feel Cool because I am Cool by birth



  • A bad attitude is like flat tyre you can’t go anywherw before you change it
  • Love all those people who hates you because they will be the reason for you to Grow
  • We don’t need money to have Fun when we four friends meet fun also came us and sit with us
  • Tired of Breaking Up💔 and Patching Up❤ now it’s time to Level Up💪👑
  • Being Good person don’t need money it’s just a simple step towards positivity
  • I hate you because you take place of my Heart
  • I learned value of time while chatting you that how time is Important the more time we have the more happy we are
  • Childhood is like being Drunk what you did is remembered by everyone instead of you
  • People who Don’t have Gf has more trust on People because they never face heartbreak
  • Sometimes valueless people wants to have valuable people
  • I am not going to change hate me or Love me😎
  • You don’t need motivation for anything If you have break up it is sufficient to have energy for every work
  • Love is like Sugar in starting it is sweet but by the time it give us big issue
  • I don’t believe in destiny I believe in what we take action for then result depends upon that only
  • No one knows when was your last Good bye will be, So love every moment you have
  • Problem in Life are like childrens teeth if one’s break other is ready to come😂
  • Instead of calling you Baby, I want a Baby!! Are you Ready?
  • 96. Some boys I don’t know where time passes when I am with you then one day comes when they passes and she goes to other one who also don’t know when his time passes😂


97) I experience Vibes Jealousy every day when I see my haters message.

98) Love is like water when we need It we use and forget it, But it has more importance.

99) I am tired of doing Diet, I am feeling Tight, I don’t want to Fight. So please God give me some Positive Light🙏

100) It is not important to Live longer, Living Peacefully and Happily is Important

101) I am not Like your Boyfriend who changes as Date changes.

102) If I lose it does not mean I forgot the Game.

103) Hard times are necessary because it clears most of the people from your Life

104) I am not Dieing to talk to you its Just I am addicted to you💗

105) People say “A single sheet of paper cannot decide our future” So when I failed in Exam why my parents kicked me out of house😂

106) I don’t you are Cute or not But I know you are my addiction.

107) Life will give challenges on every phase of Life. Be strong to compete with all challenges

A person who reads Whatsapp Status got an instant Impression of what type of person you are and what you love to do and how’s your behaviour is.

108) I will Learn or I will Win But I never Lose.

109) King don’t need Kingdom to prove he is King his presence will say everything about him👑

110) No one makes you Happy Until you enjoy your Own Company.

111) Long Journey starts with one step, Take that first step

Why Having a Good Whatsapp Status is Necessary??

Having a Good Whatsapp Status Define your Status in Life, Be powerful, Be fearless, Be greatful to what you have now, and work consistently towards your Goals in Life.

People will come and Go many challenges will come in Path but you have to work for yourself no one will come and solve your Issues, People will only laugh at you in your Hard times, and always respect who is with you in every situation.


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